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Project Sheets Super Simple Stack The Deck Quilt

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Super Simple Stack The Deck Quilt

Finished size: 26” x 35”

June Tailor® Shape Cut™ Ruler
• 1/2 yard each of 6 coordinating fabrics
• 3-1/2 yards straight of grain binding
• 1 yard backing fabric
June Tailor Fusible Batting™ - Craft size

Layer all six coordinating fabrics. Cut layered fabric into six 10” x 9” rectangles. Using your June Tailor® Shape Cut™ Ruler, align the 9” side of stacked fabrics on the “0” vertical slot and the 10” side of the stacked fabrics on the horizontal
“0” slot. Cut in the 2-1/2”, 6-1/2”, and 8” slots to create strips as diagramed. Separate the strips and sub-cut into rectangles according to the diagram.

Follow cutting step two times to create 12 blocks for quilt as pictured.

NOTE: Larger quilts may be created by cutting and assembling additional blocks.

Keeping each stack of rectangles together, shuffle the fabrics. Keep piece layered in tact. Move the top fabric from piece B to the bottom of the stack. Move the top two fabrics from piece C to the bottom of the stack. Move the top three fabrics from piece D to the bottom, continuing in the same pattern through piece F. Do this for all six rectangle sets.

Using a standard ¼” seam allowance, sew piece A to piece B. Sew piece C to piece D. Sew piece A/B to piece C/D. Sew C/D to E. Sew E to F.

Sew blocks in rows, rotating according to diagram.

Layer quilt top, batting and backing. Steam baste layers according to instructions included with June Tailor® Fusible Batting™.

Quilt as desired and bind. Sample shown was quilted around each block.

Project Sheets Super Simple Stack The Deck Quilt