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---Mirror Image Instructions

Mirror Image Instructions
(Necessary for June Tailor's Copy 'n Press™,
Print 'n Press™, Light T-Shirt Transfer,
Soft 'n Stretchy for Light Fabrics Transfers,
Wash-Away Transfers, Glow-In-The-Dark Transfers, Glitter Glamour Transfers and Quilter's Glitter and Sparkle Transfers)

Open Printer Friendly Version
*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, download available from Creativity Center main page.

Before going through the process below, check the printer properties. Sometimes the newer printers have an option for mirror image, iron-on transfers or rotate image. Be sure to check for these printer properties. If your printer does not have one of these options then please follow the steps below to mirror image.

Below you will find instructions on how to mirror your words in Microsoft Word.

Open Microsoft Word
Click "View"
Click "Toolbars"
Make sure there is a check mark next to drawing (If not select it)
Click "Insert"
Click "Picture"
Click "Word Art"
Select Style of Word Art you would like to use
Click "OK"
Type Text
Click "OK"

Click on the white arrow in the bottom left hand corner of your screen
(After clicking the arrow it should say underneath it "Click and drag to
select several object")

Click and hold your left mouse button at the upper left of your words.
Drag your mouse to the right until the box captures all of your words.
Let go of the mouse button

Click "Draw" in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
Click "Flip or Rotate"
Click "Flip Horizontally"

Your words are now mirrored.