Fleece Tools

Fashion Your Fleece projects with innovative rulers and tools from June Tailor®. Creative edge treatments are easily accomplished with wave and scallop rulers giving your fleece projects unique and professionally finished results. We offer a variety of tools to cut fringe in minutes for tie blankets, pillows and scarves, whether you prefer to use a rotary cutter to cut fleece without marking or mark and cut your fleece with scissors.

Visit our “Creativity Center” for fun Fringe Tying Methods to create your warm and cuddly fleece projects.

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June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Scallops Ruler
Scallops Ruler
Regular Price: $18.39
Sale price plus free shipping!: $13.79 
June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Snuggly Blanket Template
Snuggly Blanket Ruler (Kid Size)
Regular Price: $17.99
Sale price plus free shipping!: $13.49 
June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Fleece Glue
Fleece Glue
Regular Price: $11.99
Sale price plus free shipping!: $8.99 
June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Fleece Rotary Cutter
Fleece Rotary Cutter
Regular Price: $29.99
Sale price plus free shipping!: $22.49 
June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Skip Cut Rotary Cutter Blade
Skip-Cut Rotary Cutter Blade
Regular Price: $9.19
Sale price plus free shipping!: $6.89 
June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Straight Rotary Cutter Blade
Straight Rotary Cutter Blade
Regular Price: $5.99
Sale price plus free shipping!: $4.49 
June Tailor Fleece with Flair - Wavy Rotary Cutter Blade
Wavy Rotary Cutter Blade
Regular Price: $8.99
Sale price plus free shipping!: $6.75 
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