June Tailor® Rulers
June Tailor® offers an array of innovative rulers created to make quilting, sewing and crafting easier than ever. Constructed of durable clear acrylic, rulers are screen printed and tightly controlled for quality, ensuring the utmost in accuracy. Most rulers are slotted for use with June Tailor® cutting mats and rotary cutters, making the tedious task of measuring and marking obsolete.

Tips and techniques for June Tailor rulers.

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June Tailor Twist ‘n Stitch Ruler
Twist 'n Stitch Ruler
Price: $28.99 
June Tailor Half-Square & Quarter-Square Triangles Quilting Ruler
Half-Square & Quarter Square Triangles Ruler
Price: $24.39 
June Tailor Shape Cut™ Quiltung Ruler
Shape Cut™ Ruler
Price: $40.89 
June Tailor Shape Cut™ Plus Quilting Ruler
Shape Cut™ Plus Ruler
Price: $47.69 
Quarter Cut™ Quilting Ruler
Quarter Cut™ Ruler
Price: $44.49 
June Tailor Shape Cut™ Pro Quilting Ruler
Shape Cut™ Pro Ruler
Price: $78.39 
June Tailor Shape Cut™ Sprint Ruler
Shape Cut™ Sprint Ruler
Price: $39.09 
June Tailor Exact Eighths™ Ruler
Exact Eighths™ Ruler
Price: $59.99 
June Tailor Get Squared™ Quilting Ruler - 6-1/2
Get Squared™ Ruler - 6-1/2" Outer, 3-1/2" Inner
Price: $13.09 
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