June Tailor 4-1/2

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June Tailor 4-1/2

4-1/2" Ruler Quick 'n Easy Color Block Quilt Project Card

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4-1/2" Ruler Color Block Quilt Project Card

4-1/2” square ruler is packaged with a fun and easy color block quilt project!

• Use just a rotary cutter to trim; no need to mark or trace.
• 1/4” seam allowance markings on all four sides of ruler allows for accurate squaring without flipping or turning of ruler.
• 45° markings for perfect centering.
• Unique three-color markings; Black=1” and 1/2”, Teal=1/4”, Magenta=1/8”.
• Pin-hole in center of ruler to anchor quilt square or layered fabric.
• Easy to follow instructions and helpful hints available in the Creativity Center.


Price: $4.39 


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